Checking Out The Benefits Of #Yoga For Kids

photo_17737_20100615Many parents are concerned about the physical well-being of their children. A lot of young people lead sedentary lives and this can contribute to health problems now and later in life. This is why some parents are taking a look at the benefits of yoga for kids.

Yoga can benefit the body and mind, and young bodies and minds receive the same good things from the exercises as adults. The postures help one increase body awareness. Coordination improves and exercise is a great way to reduce stress. Postures are great for increasing joint flexibility, and although young bodies are naturally supple, they can lose that suppleness over time. Qualified instructors know that it is important to keep everything simple in the beginning. They focus on perfect technique as opposed to exposing children to a lot of poses at one time. This creates a gradual learning curve and avoids frustration.

Minds young and old improve when they learn new things. This may be the perfect break from computers, smart phones, video games, and school. When the mind is opened with something new and exciting, inner growth occurs. Young minds become more comfortable with their growing bodies.

The benefits of yoga for kids extend into the world of sports. Not everyone is talented in football, baseball, tennis, or other sports. In fact, some children may have little interest in these things. Still, children need a physical outlet and it can be expressed in a noncompetitive and healthy way. This helps youngsters deal with all the pressures that school and social situations place upon them.

It is never too early to expose young minds and bodies to the pleasures of yoga. That is why you will find some excellent mother and baby classes. It may not appear to be beneficial at first, but within a few years children will become used to the activities and will enjoy them. There are some good classes for small children that are age appropriate and easy for them to participate in and enjoy.

When you check into kid’s classes, make sure that they are taught by a certified teacher. This insures that your children will get the most from the class, and it will be conducted in a lighthearted manner that is easy for kids to understand and enjoy. If the class is only for children ask if you can stay and watch, as this is the best way to evaluate the class.

Maybe there are no classes nearby. It is not difficult to teach your children yoga at home. Set out some mats for the kids and yourself. Make sure you have music that kids like. Start with some of the basic poses and work on simple breathing exercises. The three part breath routine is a good starting point.

The benefits of yoga for kids are far reaching and many postures are suitable. For instance, you may wish to try the “Cat Stretch” or the “Pose of the Dog”. The “Tree” and the “Cobra” are very good for stretching. The “Butterfly pose works well, and you can start and finish with the “Corpse”.

You will get a summary of the reasons why you should enroll your child in kids yoga classes and more info about a Calgary yoga studio, now.

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