The Chakras, Electromagnetic Pollution, Wifi and Chemtrails


Man Made Interference

As you already know, our bodies are manifested out of, and nourished by, energy, known as Prana, Chi, Qi, etc. This energy is electro-magnetic in nature. Our thoughts, spirit, and Souls are also are electro-magnetic in nature; we were designed to be in tune with the electro-magnetic frequencies inherent in Nature.

We live in a time unprecedented in history, a time when man-made electro-magnetic frequencies are rampant; they are drowning out those with which we humans, and all life on Earth, have evolved to be in tune with. In order to understand why this man-made “electro-magnetic pollution” is so hazardous to our health, understand that we are energetic beings who radiate an energy field, the aura, which is itself electromagnetic in nature. The physical body cannot remain alive without this electromagnetic auric field. The aura can extend several feet from the body and has numerous levels, like the growth rings on a tree. The aura, our own personal life force, is connected to the body through the Chakras.

When our life force enters our bodies through the aura and chakras, it activates the bio-electrical and electromagnetic charges that flow through our nerves. Our nerves activate not only our muscles but all of our organs and glands keeping us healthy and functioning in life. The nerves also connect the body with our brain, and our thoughts and feelings. Nerves are the channel through which we act, both consciously and unconsciously. Thus, through the nervous connection to the Chakras and aura, we are connected to both our physical and spiritual environments. As you can see, from the physical to the spiritual, we are bio-electric-magnetic beings, who cannot exist without God-given electrical energy.

The Schumann Resonance

Many people today recognize that disease, in large part, is a bio-electrical, or energetic, imbalance. Without optimal nerve stimulation, our organs and glands are compromised. Our bodies seek a static electric field to exist with. One such field is called the Schumann Resonance. In 1952, the German scientist Winifried Otto Schumann discovered a natural pulse around the Earth, beating at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. The Schumann Resonance is the electromagnetic aura, and heartbeat, of our planet. It can be thought of as the “aura” and heartbeat of our planet. Our bodies, minds, and emotions enjoy being immersed in this field of energy; we evolved to resonate and be in tune with it. In fact, our optimal brain wave pattern duplicates the Schumann Resonance. Likewise, the most effective brainwave entrainment programs for Chakra healing resonate with the Schumann frequency.

Dr. Ankermueller, a medical physician, made the connection between the Schumann resonance, and the alpha frequency of brainwaves. Dr. Ankermueller brought his ideas directly to Dr. Schumann; he was also was intrigued by the theory that the earth has the same natural resonance as the brain. Professor Schumann asked one of his doctorate students, Herbert Konig, to look into this phenomenon. Konig demonstrated a relationship between the Schumann Resonances and brain rhythms by comparing human EEG readings with the electromagnetic fields of the Earth. He found that the primary frequency of 7.83 Hz produced by Schumann resonances is within the frequency range of alpha and theta rhythms in the brain.

Our Bodies are in Tune with the Schumann Resonance

To understand why our bodies, minds, and spirit are negatively affected by man-made electromagnetic fields, you need to understand the law of resonance; it is a natural law that affects all living things. The law of resonance states that when two or more energies are vibrating at different rates of speed, the lower frequency will be raised, the higher frequency will be lowered, and the two will meet in the middle until they are vibrating at the same rate.

The Schumann Resonance has a constant frequency of vibration but is constantly fluctuating. Cosmic radiation, which comes into our planet from the sun and space, constantly varies its frequency. This continual variation in frequency prevents resonance from happening. As a result, our cells and our personal energy field can maintain their own frequency. That is, under natural conditions, if there isn’t anything pulling it off.

Man-Made Electromagnetic Frequencies

The electrical wiring running through our homes steadily vibrates at the same frequency of 60 Hz. This is within the range of frequencies that can stimulate our cells, causing “resonance” with the man-made. This kind of vibrational resonance is harmful to the body. Most notably, man-made electromagnetic fields impact our aura, our chakras, and our nervous system. This, in turn, impacts our mental states and emotions. In some people, this may exacerbate mental illness, cause nightmares, a feeling of agitation, poor concentration, migraines, hypervigilance, and other psychological and emotional problems. Our DNA can also be affected by harmful electromagnetic frequencies since these man-made electromagnetic fields carry enough energy to break the genetic bonds within our cells.

The term “electromagnetic pollution” refers to any electrically charged wire or device that creates a magnetic pull on our cells. This causes moving away from natural, healthy vibration. This is why man-made electromagnetic fields are harmful. Man-made electromagnetic fields also cause our natural, electromagnetic auras to also fall into an unnatural resonance. This negatively affects the flow of healthy energy through our chakras, causing an imbalance.

Although most of us are not sensitive enough to consciously sense these subtle changes in vibration, we feel these energy shifts unconsciously. Though the effects of electromagnetic disruption are subtle, the long-range impact can be significant. Considering the fact that we are vibrant, resonating, bio-electrical beings, it is not good to be immersed in artificial electromagnetic frequencies that cause an unhealthy resonance.

Scientists estimate that our exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) is 100 million times higher than it was 100 years ago. Electromagnetic fields have been present since time began; the earth’s natural electromagnetic frequency is 7.83 Hz. Man-made electromagnetic frequencies resonate at an unnatural rhythm.

The three main types of man-made EMFs are

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
Extremely Low-Frequency fields (ELF)
Radio Frequency Radiation (RF).

Common sources of EMR/ELF/RF are

Power lines & power stations
Broadcasting antennas & cell phone towers
Cell phones & cordless phones
Electrical appliances
AM/FM radios & MP3 players
Personal computers
ebook readers & tablets
Microwave ovens
Florescent lights
TVs and video games


What can we do?

Since our body’s cells detox and restore themselves at night while we sleep, we can create a clean space in the bedroom. Do this by shutting off the electricity to your bedroom at night. If turning the electricity off is not an option, another option is to move your bed at least four feet from the wall, so that the electrical current running through the wires can’t disturb you. Keep your head as far away from electrical sockets as possible. If it is impossible to move your bed away from the wall, consider reversing the way you sleep, with your head facing away from the wall.

Also, remove or unplug all electrical appliances from your bedroom. Get an old fashioned, wind up alarm clock, or one that runs on batteries. Digital alarm clocks emit a surprisingly strong level of EMF. Also, detrimental electromagnetic fields occur in anything with a motor or a pump, such as your refrigerator, washer, dryer, air conditioner. Likewise, anything that has a transformer, such as TV’s, stereos, computers, and printers emit high levels of EMF. These fields can penetrate walls. If you are sleeping with your head near a wall that has a refrigerator on the other side, you will be bathed in a man-made electromagnetic field. It is also harmful to sleep next to the wall that contains your circuit breaker box. Power transformers near your home, overhead or underground power lines can also be very harmful, and their electromagnetic fields can extend as far as 70 to 80 feet.



Cell phones and other wireless devices, such as cordless phones, cell towers, wifi modems, and Smart Meters can also seriously affect your bio-electrical health. Whereas house wiring and appliances produce very low frequencies, wifi devices produce very high frequencies; these have the ability to produce maximum penetration into the physical body.

Wireless devices like Wifi and cordless phones transmit a constant signal. This is a second wave that is around 200 Hz, whether the phone is in use or not. Because this is within the biological range of 250 Hz, Wifi and cordless phones can have an impact, especially if these devices are on twenty-four hours a day. The harmful frequencies emitting from the base of your cordless phone can range between one quarter and one-half mile, depending on the strength of the particular phone. This means, even if you don’t have a cordless phone, your neighbor’s phone can impact you.

We are being bombarded with more than 1,000 times more electromagnetic energy than ever in history. Most people are at least weakened by harmful electromagnetic frequencies resonating with their energy bodies. Anything that weakens the energy and aura, can harm the physical body and the brain. Because these harmful resonant frequencies can damage our brains, it can also change the way we think, feel, and what we do. Rebalancing your brain with binaural beat audio, attuned to the Schumann Resonance, is extremely beneficial.


Another piece to the man-made electromagnetic web we find ourselves immersed in, are chemtrails. Chemtrails are made up of fine aluminum dust, as well as barium salts and strontium. Chemtrails are allegedly sprayed into the atmosphere worldwide for the sake of “global warming” and weather remediation. But what are these ultra fine particles of heavy metals and radioactive materials doing to the electro-magnetic “aura” of our planet, and to us?

As we have already pointed out, human beings are bio-electrical in nature. Our auras and chakras are only the most basic component of this. Saturating human beings with heavy metallic and radioactive compounds is not only toxic in the usual sense, but it also makes them more sensitive to man-made radio and electromagnetic signals; it can turn us into “living antennas”.

It could be possible that the harmful, heavy metals and radioactive compounds, which are reputed to shield the Earth from harmful solar radiation, are also affecting the natural electro-magnetic Schumann Resonance of the Earth.  Likewise, it is making humans, as well as every other living creature, more susceptible to radio and wifi frequencies, and to HAARP frequencies. It has been said that the aluminum dust and other components of chemtrails stay in the air for long periods of time; while these metals are in the air, they create an environment where HAARP transmissions can travel more easily. Unfortunately, this could also be true when these same particulates collect within our auric field and are breathed into our bodies.

Schumann Resonance Sound Healing

One way to guard against, and reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic pollution, is to regularly re-balance your energetic body through the use of sound therapy, attuned to the Chakras and the natural Earth resonance.


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