The Relationship Between the Chakras and the Zodiac

the chakras and the zodiac

The chakras are energy centers located throughout both the physical and spiritual bodies. Furthermore, these energy centers link the mind and body with the healing energy of prana or universal energy. The energy of the earth, the stars and even by spirits affect the chakras. In this way, each zodiac sign can be related to the power of a single chakra. Through the chakras, each zodiac sign can find the energy to express both its power and weaknesses.

The Powerful Chakra of Each Zodiac Sign

The association of the Chakras with the art of alchemy dates back centuries when the esoteric philosophies of India combined with the occult sciences of Europe.

Each of the seven chakras relates to a planet or the rulers of each Zodiac Sign. In that way, each Chakra corresponds to a crystal and metal which corresponds to the planet and the Zodiac sign.

aries and the chakras

Aries: the Sacral Chakra

The Powerful Sacral Chakra is the Chakra of Aries. It is where Kundalini dwells. This Chakra is located around the reproductive organs and pulsates a vibrant orange/red color, similar to that of the planet Mars, ruler of Aries. When active, this chakra exudes self-confidence and sexual magnetism. This could be the source of Aries’s magnetic sexuality.

When blocked this chakra can create shame, guilt, and poor self-esteem. When this happens, Aries’s legendary temper gets triggered. The true power of an Aries comes from believing in themselves. Blocking this sense of faith causes anger and frustration to explode.

Metals and Crystals associated with the Sacral Chakra

The metal iron is associated with Mars and the Sacral Chakra. Likewise, bloodstone and ruby also activate the energy of the Sacral Chakra.

turus and the chakra

Taurus: the Heart Chakra

When activated, the Heart Chakra makes anything is possible. We attract love, healing energy and we mingle the material world with higher forces. Love is the key to everything.

When blocked, emotional pain courses through the body. Sorrow locks the door to Love and brings about a collapse to the energy of Taurus. Grief is a parasite feeding on your vital energy. Bid sorrow farewell, and welcome love into your life.

Metals and Crystals associated with the Heart Chakra

Copper is associated with Venus, the planet of Love and ruler of Taurus, as well as rose quartz and emerald. These unblock the heart chakra. Thus, opening us to the healing energy of Venus.

the chkras anf gemini

Gemini: the Throat Chakra

Governed by the planet Mercury, Gemini has is both sensitive and powerful. The throat chakra empowers the well-known communication and self-expression skills of Gemini. When activated, the throat chakra empowers our creativity and ability to cope with difficult situations using our voice.

Lying and poor self-acceptance blocks the Throat Chakra. When blocked, it disables our ability to express ourselves. This leads to self-pity. An inability to express ourselves inhibits our freedom.

Metal and Crystals associated with the Throat Chakra

The liquid metal mercury is traditionally associated with both the planet and god Mercury. Keep in mind, Mercury is highly toxic, so don’t handle it. Sapphire and turquoise help the throat chakra achieve greater balance, hence. giving us the power for self-expression.

cancer zodiac chakra

Cancer: the Third Eye Chakra

Located within the center of the brain, the third eye is a focal point of subtle, psychic energy. Thus, it’s a gateway to psychic powers. When activated we gain access to ideas and information from other realms.

Psychic illusions block the third eye. While illusion seems to come from our intuition, it’s, in fact, a projection of our ego. When blocked we feel like nothing makes sense.

Metal and Crystals associated with the Third Eye Chakra

Silver is the metal of the Moon, and wearing silver jewelry helps activate the third eye chakra. Likewise, the powerful chakra crystals sapphire and lapis lazuli opens the third eye chakra.

leo and the chakra

Leo: the Crown Chakra

Of course, Leo the King’s powerful chakra is the Crown chakra, associated with the Sun. It’s situated on the top of your head, connecting you with the Divine Power. When activated spiritual enlightenment shines through this chakra, lighting up our entire being.

When blocked we lose our connection with the divine, reducing everything to physical matter. In this way, Leo becomes self-centered.

Metal and Crystals associated with the Crown Chakra

The Metal of Kings, gold, is associated with the Crown Chakra. Transmuting lead into gold is the ultimate goal of the alchemist. The purest of all crystals, clear quartz, and diamonds, open the crown chakra. Energy flowing through these crystals is purified to a high degree.

virgo and the chakra

Virgo: the Throat Chakra

Like Gemini, the planet Mercury governs Virgo. Virgo has a sensitive and mercurial nature, and the throat is their power chakra. When activated Virgo’s creative nature comes to the forefront, coping with difficult situations with inspiration.

A lack of self-acceptance blocks the Throat Chakra, disabling our creativity leading to moodiness and self-pity.

Metal and Crystals associated with Throat Chakra

The liquid metal Mercury is associated with Mercury the planet. Never handle Mercury, it’s highly toxic. Turquoise and sapphire can help us accept ourselves, achieve greater balance, healing our emotional wounds.

libra chakra

Libra: the Heart Chakra

Like Taurus, the heart chakra influences Libra deeply. When activated, the heart chakra makes everything possible. We attract the healing energy of affection, and we find balance with the material world and the Divine.

When blocked, emotional pain destroys our self-image, shutting down the vibrant energy of Libra.

Metal and Crystals associated with Heart Chakra

Copper is the metal of Venus, fostering love and balance. Pink Quartz and emeralds are very useful to unblock the heart chakra.

scorpio chakra

Scorpio: the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra empowers Scorpio with Kundalini energy. This Chakra is located around the sexual organs, imbuing Scorpio with a lot of sex appeal. When healthy, this chakra radiates sexual magnetism.

When blocked it produced a sense of guilt and shame. That triggers Scorpio’s vindictiveness. To be a power for good, Scorpio must believe in themselves.

Metal and Crystals associated with Sacral Chakra

Iron is the metal of Mars, and in turn, is associated with Sacral Chakra. Likewise, ruby and bloodstone activate the positive energy of the Sacral Chakra.

sagitarius and the chakras

Sagittarius: the Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus chakra empowers Sagittarius, and the planet Jupiter opens up opportunities for expansion. This chakra is located right above the navel. This chakra is extremely powerful for opening the gates of astral energy. Consequently, when activate, enthusiasm opens your world to opportunity.

Shame blocks the Solar Plexus chakra, and laziness manifests, then, creativity and forward movement stops.

Metal and Crystals associated with Solar Plexus Chakra

The metal of Jupiter is tin. Likewise,  the gemstones jasper and tiger’s eye can unblock the energy of the solar plexus chakra.

chakra and capricorn

Capricorn: the Root Chakra

The root chakra empowers Capricorn. The root chakra is located at the base of your spine and associated with the planet Saturn. When activated we feel safe, creative, and as if we can do anything in this world because we are a part of it. Balancing the root chakra allows Capricorn to gain control over what they want.

Fear closes the Root Chakra, leaving a feeling of insecurity, isolation, and weakness.

Metal and Crystals associated with Root Chakra

Lead is the metal of both the planet Saturn and the Root Chakra. Like mercury, lead is a toxic metal, so do not handle it. Likewise, the volcanic stone obsidian is associated with this powerful chakra. Thus, obsidian helps to ground us, connecting us with the forces of Earth.

aquarius chakra

Aquarius: the Root Chakra

Like Capricorn, the root chakra and the planet Saturn powers Aquarius. It is located at the base of your spine. An active root chakra fosters a feeling of creativity, empowering Aquarius to do anything their creativity can dream up.

Fear blocks the Root Chakra leaving a feeling of sickness, weakness, and isolation.

Metal and Crystals associated with Root Chakra

Lead is the metal of the Root Chakra; like mercury, lead is a toxic metal, so don’t handle it. The volcanic glass gemstone obsidian helps Aquarius ground and connect with the energy of the Earth.

pisces chakra

Pisces: the Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra influences Pisces; it is associated with Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity. It is located right above the navel, and when activated, this chakra energizes enthusiasm, creating opportunities.

Feelings of shame shut down the Solar Plexus. When blocked, creativity and the willingness to create loses out.

Metal and Crystals associated with Solar Plexus Chakra

Tin is the metal of Jupiter. Tiger’s eye and jasper are gemstones that empower this chakra, thus, unblocking its powerful energy.

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