Chakra Crystal Elixirs for Spiritual Healing

chakra crystal elixirsChakra crystal elixirs infuse healing gemstone vibrations throughout the physical and etheric bodies. The crystal healing energy will infuse your being from head to toe. The benefits will depend on the gemstone used to make the elixir. Chakra stones are used to make chakra crystal elixirs.

What is a Chakra Crystal Elixir?

Crystal elixirs, also called gem elixirs, or crystal essences, are made by exposing water to the vibration of a gemstone. You can make gem elixirs by placing a gemstone or a crystal into a vessel of water and leaving it in the moonlight or direct sunlight for several hours.

However, generally, the gemstone or crystal does not come in direct contact with the water. They’re made by indirect immersion; place the stone or crystal on a piece of clear quartz to transfer the vibration, then place the quartz in the water. Some crystals and stones contain heavy metals that can leach into the water, so this is the safest method to make gem elixirs.

Gemstones for Chakra Elixirs

Gemstone and crystal essences can be made from any gemstone or crystal, but the list below can be used to make specific chakra crystal elixirs.

Clear Quartz imparts clarity of consciousness, making it good for the crown chakra.

Amethyst imparts a peaceful, balanced energy and aids dreams and restful sleep. It’s beneficial to the Third Eye chakra.

Aquamarine strengthens your courage and clarifies your perception. It’ss especially good for the throat chakra.

Citrine dispels negative energy, fostering joy, warmth, and optimism. Citrine elixir is excellent for the solar plexus chakra.

Rose quartz attracts the energy of happiness, love, and peace. It’s perfect for balancing the heart chakra.

Carnelian gem elixir has a high-energy that balances nd amplifies your bioenergy. It’s great for the sacral chakra.

Garnet elixir is has a high-energy vibration. Garnet clears away negative energy and boosts vitality. This is a good gem essence for the root chakra.

How do You Use Crystal Elixirs?

Apply crystal elixirs to the skin or taken by mouth. The amount varies, depending on individual need and the vibration of the crystal.

In general, use 4 drops of a crystal elixir orally or topically twice a day for up to 2 weeks. However, if you don’t see a difference, a gem elixir may not be what your spirit needs.

You can also use your crystal elixirs in a bath. Simply add 3 to 6 drops to your bathwater, then relax and enjoy the feeling.

You can also use gem elixirs to clear negative energy from a room. Simply dilute a small amount of elixir in a spray bottle and spray in a counter-clockwise direction, while expressing your desire for the negative energy to leave.

Gem essences are safe for pets, too. Just add 1 to 2 drops of a gemstone elixir to 1 cup of water and add it to your pet’s water bowl. You should see a benefit within a day or two. However, if you don’t see an improvement within a month, gem elixirs are not what your pet needs.

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