Chakra Test: Do You Have Chakra Balance?

What is Chakra Balancing, and why is a chakra test important?

Do you have low energy, and out of balance emotions? If the answer is yes, you might have a Chakra imbalance, and need Chakra healing. An “imbalance” in your Chakras indicates that some Chakras are under active, and some are overactive. Consequently, Chakra balancing is the answer to this issue. The 7 Chakras are vital for your overall well being. Are you in chakra balance? In short, find out, with our Chakra test, and learn simple Chakra balancing and Chakra healing techniques.

Open vs Closed Chakras. What’s best for Chakra Balance?

Those new to Chakra healing, may mistake Chakra balancing for “open Chakras”. Therefore, just like anything in life, the keyword is a balance; not too much, and not too little. Because the 7 Chakras transmit and receive bioenergy (which is transmuted into emotional, psychic, and physical energy) an imbalance affects the way we feel, think, and act. For example, a restricted-energy flow through the Heart Chakra, can result in a selfish and “hard-hearted” personality. Likewise, too much flow through the Heart Chakra can create someone with a “bleeding heart”. As a result, that person’s generosity and compassion are easily taken advantage of. Therefore, you may discover closing a Chakra actually gives you more emotional and psychic relief than opening your Chakras. This is why a chakra test is important.

Energy Protection. You need it for Spiritual Chakra Healing.

chakra testAnother concept often misunderstood (or rejected) is that we are not alone, either as individuals, or as a human race. Consequently, “open Chakras” are a primary means for “energy vampires”. This can be energy vampires we can see, or the ones we can’t see, in the astral plane. In this way, others can drain our energy, manipulate our thoughts and emotions, and attempt to live through us.

Because of this, “closing” or “covering” your Chakras is equally as important as “opening your Chakras”. Therefore, that perfect balance between openness to outside energies, and keeping your own bioenergy boundaries, is the goal of Chakra balancing. While being “One with the Universe” may be the ideal state of Being, and the ultimate spiritual goal, don’t rush it. Above all, you must differentiate between you, the Universe, and “others”, who may not be as spiritually advanced as you. For this reason, recognize that energy vampires will only hold you back. They will drain your bioenergy through the chakras, if you are too open to their energetic influence.

Emotions & Mental States are Spiritual Energy. Understand this for Chakra Healing.

chakra soundsMental states, and our emotions, have specific frequencies of resonance. Hence, this is the secret force behind the spiritually transforming power of spiritual mantras, music, and song.

Our myriad of emotional and mental states are in tune with certain Chakra sound frequencies. The Chakras will also respond to chakra colors, because color is also a frequency. Therefore, with exposure to a Chakra sound frequency or color, the 7 Chakras come into alignment. Hence, when your Chakras are aligned and balanced, so will your emotions and your mind.

Binaural beat sound therapy, combined with the sacred Chakra tones, can directly and quickly align the chakra imbalances. To sum up, with exposure to Chakra balancing sacred sounds, you can finally make the life changes you crave.

Are your Chakras in balance? How do you know? Try our free online 7 Chakra Test below. When the chakra test is complete, click on the images for more information about each of the 7 Chakras.

Our website has very effective Chakras balancing sound healing MP3s you can download now. We also have information about different foods, colors, and gemstones that can help to keep your Chakras in balance.

The Chakra Test

Please, answer all questions on the Chakra test to find out your personal Chakra balance.

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