What is #Chakra Balance? Why Is It Important?

chakra balanceA Chakra imbalance means that some of your Chakras are under-active, and some are over-active.

Many beginners who are new to the idea of Chakra balancing mistakenly believe that means “opening the Chakras”. But just like anything else in your life, the key is balance, meaning not too much, and not too little.

The Chakras transmit and recieve energy, which is translated into psychic, emotional and physical energy, too much or too little can affect the way you think, act and feel; for instance, too little energy flowing through the Heart Chakra could be translated into a selfish and “hard hearted” personality, and too much energy flowing through the Heart Chakra could be translated into a “bleeding heart”, someone who’s compassion and generosity can easily be taken advantage of. You may actually find that closing or shielding a Chakra actually provides more psychic and emotional relief than opening it.

Another concept most beginners don’t understand, or may even reject, is that we are not alone, either as individuals, or as a human race, and that wide open Chakras are a primary source for energy vampires, both the ones we can see, or the ones we can not see, to attach to us. Unconscious or unevolved beings can, and will, attach to us to use our energy, manipulate our thoughts and emotions (in order to produce the energy they prefer). This is why closing or covering your Chakras is just as important as opening your Chakras. Discovering the optimum balance between openess to outside and Universal energy, and maintaining our own energetic boundaries, is the goal of Chakra balancing. Being “One with the Universe” may be the ultimate spiritual goal, but first, you need to learn to differentiate between yourSelf, the Universe, and “others” (who may not be as spiritually evolved as you, and will only drain you, if you are open to their energetic influence).

Are you in Chakra balance? How can you tell? You can try this free online Chakra Balance test, then click on the links for more information about each Chakra.

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