How To Meditate Properly

If you are considering learning how do you meditate, there are lots of methods you can try. A lot of times, people worry that they will not be able to empty their minds. They are also concerned that they won’t be able to be still.

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Foster Positive Energy for Richness of Life

The majority of us who study meditation have learned that a constant flow of Prana (vital air or vital energy), can be absorbed in, and through, nature. Although the energy is different, this same Prana can be found where people get together for a common good or goal, such as…

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What Does a Truly #Transcendental Mind Look Like?

Dr. Ramesh Manocha, a medical doctor and researcher of the meditative sciences has recently pointed out in a skin-temperature test, that there is a physiological difference between ‘thoughtless awareness’ and just simple relaxation. While calming the mind and body are essential to reducing stress and the ailments that can accompany…

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