How Does Sound Healing Work?

Sound has been used in nearly every culture, for thousands of years, as a method of healing. The mantras of the Hindus, the medicine songs and drum ceremonies of the Native Americans, or of Pythagoras’ esoteric concept and use of intervals and frequencies, a wide variety of sound healing techniques…

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The Schumann Resonance: The Healthful Aura of the Planet

In 1952, the German scientist Winifried Otto Schumann discovered a natural pulse around the Earth, beating at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. The Schumann Resonance is the electromagnetic aura, and heart beat, of our planet. Most scientists view the Schumann Resonance as something of a curiosity, and very few scientists…

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Electromagnetic Pollution, the Schumann Resonance and You

Our brain waves are attuned to the frequencies of 7.83 Hz, the Schumann resonances, or the Earth resonance, the signals that pulsate between our Earth’s crust, and ionosphere, which is the outmost layer of our atmosphere. I other words, a pulse vibrates around the Earth, through the atmosphere, and as…

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