How Calming Ocean Sounds Alleviate Stress And Sooth The Spirit #meditation

In today’s frenetic world, increasing numbers of people are looking for ways to add greater peace and tranquillity to their lives. One of the easiest ways they can do this is by listening to the sounds of nature on CD or mp3. Calming ocean sounds, such as our own Chakra healing programs, and other natural ambiance have a tremendously relaxing effect on the psyche and are ideal for those who are stressed and overloaded.

One way in which they can be of benefit is as an adjunct to activities like yoga, pilates and meditation. Huge numbers of people are now turning to these practices and are discovering a new-found balance and peace of mind. Many are also recognizing how much more they can get out of these practices when listening to the sounds of mother nature.

For example, with meditation the aim is to slow conscious thought processes and reduce the amount of ‘chatter’ that so disrupts the mind. Many people find this to be immensely challenging since emotional turbulence agitates the mind. Nature’s sounds help meditators to relax, thus calming the emotions and the mind, making the whole process easier and more enjoyable.

Similarly with yoga, stress and mental anguish can get in the way of the focus needed to perform it well. Relaxation helps practitioners perform each pose with greater depth and calmness of mind, thus enriching their experience. They are able to get more out of each session and reap the benefits of this ancient practise that much more quickly and easily.

These effects are well known to scientists who research in this area. They have long known that nature’s sounds can help stressed and traumatized people recover more quickly. Even those of us who are relatively healthy and happy understand at an instinctive level how healing mother nature can be. There is in all of us a primal response to nature that can have a gentle but profound effect on our well-being.

This can be seen most strikingly in the way it affects small children. The sounds of the natural world seem to connect with children in a very deep way. Babies are often calmed by nature sounds when other methods have failed. An agitated child whose bedroom is furnished with these sounds will often calm down and fall asleep quite quickly.

Adults too use these recordings as an aid to sleep. Many find that they fall asleep faster and experience sounder sleep when they have relaxing nature sounds playing in their environment. Even when it isn’t bedtime, many people use these sounds to create a more relaxing ambiance. A recording of a meadow in springtime for example can create a comforting background that blots out the modern world and restores tranquillity.

Teenage and adult students can benefit from these recordings, too. Those who need to concentrate will find that nature’s music is a lot more conducive to study than most pop music! Students who are relaxed and focused during their study time are far more likely to retain what they learn than those who are distracted.

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