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binaural beatsWith so many stressors, stimuli, and distractions in this world, it can be difficult for the typical person to be calm or even get things done. Some people end up at the doctors office getting a prescription, others use exercise and many use alcohol.

What if there is a way to clear and even silence some of the clutter that makes its way into everyone’s heads on a daily basis? Brainwave entrainment therapy, which uses accurately made beats and tones to massage the brain, and is the latest trend in holistic healing methods.

Scientific study done by Dr. Tina Huang and Dr. Christine Charyton for the journal Alternative Therapies has confirmed that 20-60 minutes of regularly listening to music with binaural beats and isochronic tones can really move us from an anxious, worried state to a more mellow and easy going state of mind.

Binaural beats are when a slightly different tone is brought in each ear, and isochronic tones consist of a single tone manually spaced and patterned. Coupled with natures sounds and melodic themes, this is meditation music to change your frame of mind.

The thought is that each mental state is associated with a brainwave of a specified width and megahertz. Worried and troubled is the beta state, starting to calming down is the alpha, dream-filled rest is the theta waves and rejuvenating, dreamless sleep is connected with the delta brainwaves.

The science behind the healing frequencies of brainwave entrainment is that if we can massage our brainwaves with percussive and tonal stimuli, using the right tones and beats for your wanting completion, all of us can train our brain to let go of the default mental state (too anxious/too scatter-brained) and enter into a state which in where we can relax and get what we want done.

Take, for example, a anxious, nervous person whose dominant brainwave is the beta. By listening to music with the particularly designed tones and tones at the alpha level, this person can ease their brain into a more calm and care-free state of mind. On the other hand, if a person tends to spend too many time in the alpha brain state, this can convert them to a bit disorganized or eccentric. Listening on a continued basis to music which stimulates the beta, or engaged brainwaves, can actually help a persons mind into a more functional state of mind where thoughts and thoughts can flow freely.

Relaxation music is new to some as a way of healing, but, with science backing up their claims, Jane Maati Smith is creating the wave in holistic sound therapy. All of the music is created using professional grade brain entrainment equipment and blended smoothly with nature sounds and amazing melodies to take away anger and advance brain function. Along with these results, consumers will also find advanced energy levels and advanced sleep as good side effects.

As history has proven through millennia, human beings are required music as a form of release and expression, and now it has been fine-tuned to send mental rejuvenation through brainwave entrainment.

There are adventures of monks who have meditated high in the Himalayan Mountains wearing very basic and minimal clothing to protect themselves against the elements and in spite of this, accomplished such forceful immersion in their meditative state that they melted all the snow around them. Whether or not you are the type of person who subscribes to these sorts of stories and ideas, the research is there to aside the facts.

As shown in the Comprehensive View of the Psychological Effects of Brain Entrainment Therapy; Studies suggest that brainwave entrainment is an positive therapeutic tool. People distress from cognitive functioning deficits, stress, pain, headaches/migraines, PMS and behavioral problems benefited from brainwave entrainment.

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