Using Binaural Beats to Balance the Crown Chakra

Binaural beats are a brainwave entrainment technique that alters your brainwaves to a specific frequency, that can open and unblock your Crown Chakra, in a fast and safe manner.

The Sahasrara is a pathway to higher states of consciousness; it opens to a place beyond ego, thought, and body, and can bring more peace and harmony into your life.

What Blocks a Chakra?

All the chakras hold your Karma; your good and bad deeds, thoughts and actions, that you have committed in this lifetime and past lives. The repression of these emotions can cause suffering and disease.

Some Causes of a Blocked Crown Chakra.

· Memories, even subconscious memories, of childhood trauma.

· Childhood trauma reflecting issues of forgiveness and feeling accepted.

· Restrictive belief systems.

· Emotional scars that have not been forgiven.

· Lack of attention.

· If tension builds up in the lower six chakras, from guilt, denial, repression, or unfelt emotions, the Crown will be affected.

How a Blocked Crown Chakra Manifests Into The Physical

· A blocked Crown Chakra stops the flow of Divine Light flowing into the body, affecting your posture, metabolism, breath, and emotional state.

· An ache or sensitivity in any of the areas governed by the Crown Chakra, (the pineal gland, central nervous system, right eye, all parts of the brain, pituitary gland and hair), is caused by unresolved emotions. When the emotional issue is resolved, the ache will resolve. The depth of the ache is proportionate to the size of the emotional issue.

Binaural beat brainwave entrainment can easily unblock your Crown Chakra with the gift of sound, at the level of your soul. Intuitive communication and “knowing” of your spiritual nature will allow you to integrate your Higher Self with your conscious mind, and your physical self, and this integrated knowledge will aid you to live “in the now.” Instead of asking yourself “Is this all there is?” you’ll be able to say “I know.”

Balancing your Crown chakra will allow you to live your life consciously, and super-consciously. Binaural beat brainwave entrainment can easily maintain the frequency required to activate the Crown chakra.

The Crown Chakra serves to balance the inner and outer self, and is the connection to the Higher Self. The Sahasrara is located at the crown of the head, and is the channel through which we receive Divine guidance, wisdom and purpose. Life wisdom flowing through the Crown are integration of the whole Self, knowledge of the Divine, intuitive knowing, living in the Now, inspiration, devotion, ethics, values, trust, selflessness, and humanitarianism. The wisdom within in this chakra includes your connecting cord to the Divine, your life’s purpose, and connection to your past lives. An imbalance in the Crown might manifest as loss of meaning or identity, mental instability, and a lack of purpose.

The Sahasrara color is rich purple, the secondary color is crystal clear or pure white. The Crown Chakra is connected to the Ketheric Template layer of the aura. The Ketheric template is the “soul plan”, it reflects all our past lives, and our goals for this life. It is composed of fine silver and golden threads of light, directly connected to God.

Seventh Chakra gemstones like amethyst, moldavite, peacock ore, clear quartz and diamonds are perfect for bringing the Sahasrara into balance.

Crown Chakra essential oils are lotus, jasmine, angelica, sandalwood, star tulip, frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, neroli, angelica, lavender, or St. John’s Wort.

Foods that fuel the Sahasrara are none! Fasting and detox are recommended to cleanse and clear the Sahasrara, and burning incense and smudging with herbs such as sage, myrrh, copal, juniper, and frankincense.

A soaring, crystalline Solfeggio tone of 963 hz is perhaps the most direct method for opening the Sahasrara, and re-establishing your connection to the Divine, in just 27 minutes with Alpha Level Binaural Beats and a pair of headphones. Tibetan Singing Bowls tuned to the frequencies of the Sahasrara, and Binaural Beats with a Solfeggio frequency of 963 Hz, this meditation follows Earth Resonant frequencies to a low of 7.83 Hz (Shumann Resonance) and up to an Earth Resonant frequency of 14.1 Hz. This deeply relaxing and transformational mediation will not only help to balance your Crown Chakra, it will also balance your mind and spirit to the resonance of our planet.

Begin healing now. Balance your Crown Chakra with healing sound, color and words. Download the 27 minute binaural beat MP3, and the 8 minute MP4 video with 9 page PDF.

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Meditative yoga postures such as simple Lotus, provide the foundation for Crown Chakra meditation.

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