The Nature of Binary Reality

binary reality

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla

Understanding the material world, and what keeps it in motion, requires studying the energy codes that influence matter. Quite simply, sound, light, frequencies and vibrations, comprise physical matter.

Conventional science teaches us the physical world came into being by chance. But when we study this science, we must conclude the creation of the world is not chance. Physicists use mathematical formulas to describe the physical Universe. Does this prove that God created and designed the physical world? Likewise, did science simply re-discover these mathematical formulas?

The Difference Between Frequency and Vibration

Frequency and vibration are two different things. Frequency is a cyclical pattern of scalar waves. These waves flash “on” and “off”. On the other hand, vibrational frequency is the rate at which energy units expand and contract. Likewise, in physics, a frequency is the number of waves passing a fixed point in a unit of time.

Partiki Units

A Partiki unit is the smallest building block of matter. In fact, these are smaller than the smallest atomic particles known to science. In fact, smaller units of conscious energy comprise a Partiki. As a result, these act as a template through which consciousness manifests.

Vibration and Oscillation

According to physics, a vibration is an oscillating motion through a medium, which forces it from it’s state of equilibrium. Hence, oscillation is a repeated and regular fluctuation, such as the pressure created by a sound wave.

According to spiritual teachings, the contraction of energy towards a point of neutrality, is vibration. Likewise, the expansion of energy away from the point of neutrality is oscillation.

It is the combination of oscillation and vibration that determines a rate of vibrational frequency. In contrast, the cyclical pattern of scalar waves, is the basis of physical matter. Our consciousness processes these vibrational energy patterns into our external reality. Above all, the powerful intelligence that created this, is truly mysterious and mysterious and amazing.

The Fundamental Working of Reality

The core building blocks of reality are similar to the binary code of a computer. Binary codes are comprised of ones (on) and zeros (off). Although very simple, binary codes, in the right combination, can allow a computer to do complex functions.

As an example, when a computer creates a picture, the shapes and colors are really made up of ones and zeros. We don’t perceive this picture as binary, because the CPU processes the binary code into shapes and colors. Most noteworthy, there are no limits to the combination on ones and zeros.

The computer process of using binary codes is very similar to how our external view of reality is created.  The physical world is really made of only light, flashing on and off in binary code. This is similar to a virtual reality simulation. This process of light flashing on and off is “partiki phasing”.

Partiki Phasing

Partiki phasing creates the patterns of energy, which our consciousness processes. In other words, Partiki phasing creates our external reality. The dynamic interaction of sound frequencies and light create our conscious perception.

Vibration and frequency organize matter. This creates all the unique and individual appearances of creation. Vibration and frequency are essential for the existence of life.

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