Balancing and Healing #Chakras with Sound and Music

When working with the chakras, we often focus on visualisation, but one of the most effective ways of connecting with, healing and balancing the chakras is through sound.

Each chakra has a corresponding mantra or sound, which can be repeated in a deep, monotone manner. This means that we can actually feel the sound’s vibration. Each chakra also has it’s own associated concert key/note. Additionally, I have found using sounds in the form of instruments and music that correspond with the element of the chakra helpful in balancing my chakras.

Sound is a powerful tool, and it’s a great idea to experiment with a variety of ways in which we can use sound in chakra balancing and healing.

The idea of chakra balancing and healing through sound really comes back to what is called ‘harmonic resonance’. This is a phenomenon in which object A can be made to vibrate by the powerful vibration of object B, if both objects share a harmonic relationship. They begin to resonate with each other. Put simply: chakras are energy centers – energy has vibration, and sound has vibration – so by using corresponding, harmonic sound, we can promote balance within our chakras.

My three favorite ways of using sound to balance my chakras is with mantra, concert key and instruments.

Each chakra has a corresponding mantra or vowel sound that can be repeated – it is best to do this deeply and slowly so that you can actually physically feel the vibration of the sound throughout your body. Listening to or singing in the concert key of the chakra is an easy and quick way to balance. And, finally, I have found that certain types of music and instruments really help me connect with and balance my chakras.

Below is a simple breakdown of how I use sound in my chakra work:

Mantra: “Uh” as in huh
Key: C
Music: Drum beats

Mantra: “Ooo” as in too
Key: D
Music: Piano

Solar Plexus:
Mantra: “Oh” as in grow
Key: E
Music: String instruments

Mantra: “Ah” as in far
Key: F
Music: Wind chimes

Mantra: “Eye” as in kind
Key: G
Music: Singing

Third Eye:

Mantra: “Aye” as in day
Key: A
Music: Bells

Mantra: “Eee” as in free
Key: B
Music: Silence

These all work best in conjunction with visualization and when done regularly. Play around and experiment to see what works best for you.

By Kate Bellew

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