The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Meditation

Meditation is a simple practice that has the potential to change your whole life – from the inside out. Science has proven the many benefits of meditation – from better mental health to happier relationships and improved work performance. Many potential new students are deterred, however, by a few persistent – but wholly untrue! – myths and misconception about meditation – so let’s debunk them one by one.

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Yin Yoga: 5 Ways It Will Help You To Beat Stress

Most of us are familiar with the ancient Chinese concept of yin and yang – two opposing forces in harmony and balance. Yang symbolizes the masculine principle and qualities such as movement, heat and activity. Conversely, the feminine principle of yin represents stillness, coolness, passivity and simply “being”.

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How To Find Calm With Meditation

Meditation is an incredible tool to help you feel calmer, happier, and more grounded BUT maybe you haven’t given it a good go because you think it’s really hard or requires an epic amount of mental willpower? Or, like a lot of people, perhaps you are under the mistaken impression that you are supposed to stop your thoughts when you meditate. So you try it once or twice, and find that not only can you not stop your thoughts, but it seems like your mind is as crazy as a bunch of monkeys on speed!

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