#Kundalini Miracle & Science

Some say that the ultimate purpose of yoga, is to facilitate the awakening of kundalini- the power of God in the human body. From a certain viewpoint, this is true, and from other perspectives it is not. So what is it and what is yoga’s relationship to it?Vedic philosophy, in particular the school of Tantra, see it as the link between the human body and cosmic Divine consciousness, responsible for creation. it is a potent seed of this force lying dormant at the base of the spinal column in every human body. According to Vedic and Tantric texts it is coiled around the base of the spinal column in three and a half spirals. Hence the ancient sages of India called it kundalini, the one coiled like a snake, and a snake has been symbolic of it ever since. it is considered manifest aspect of the Divine – the Divine Mother – ‘Shakti’ (Power or Force). She is seen as the aspect of the Divine present in and as the manifestation and that that animates ‘life’.

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