#Yoga Isn’t Just For Youngsters

Just recently, my wife’s medical doctor told her that most people whom she sees that are in shape in their 70’s, are enjoying classes yoga regularly. This is the sort of statement that gets individuals considering how they will work to live well in later years. Why yoga and not some other activity? Without question, you will find other activities that folks will say has kept them healthy into their 70’s and later. They probably include outdoor ones like golf and tennis. Nonetheless, in New York City, particularly in Manhattan, golf and tennis are not as easy to find for the impulsive player. Yes you can hit golf balls at Chelsea Piers, but you’ve got to have a car to play 18 holes. As for tennis, you can find public courts in Central Park and the Lower East Side, however the usage demand is very high that they, and the handful of private courts, can charge a higher rate. For those who split their time among New York City plus places like Florida, they may possibly find more time for golf and access to tennis in the winter months. But yoga, not just by default, is really a favorite activity during the time they spend in NYC. What is the reason?

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