An Authentic Journey in Personal Growth

Becoming Powerful, Able and Relaxed

I am re-posting a piece from my teacher, Stephen K. Hayes, about the possibility for self defence practitioners and the ability to really provide a path to enlightenment.

This topic is near and dear to my heart, not only as a martial artist for over 20 years, but as a Mother and other half.

Just yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with a martial arts master that I ran into in town, and hadn’t seen for many years. It is always an respect to hear about decades and decades of coaching and growth. This man has been employed by two local karate schools to come teach, as they have noticed an absence of depth in their programs.

I salute their search for data! And I ask all of our students (and community members considering coming to train and grow with us) if our To-Shin Do program is complete? Have we got a plan in place to safely teach and cope with expanding your awareness (one of the ninja keys- avoid the difficulty before it starts)? In each belt journey, do we experience techniques to handle the unexpected- whether overwhelmed or out-muscled? Do we train in all planes (upright, on the ground, from behind, while being grabbed, for example.)? In each class, do we stretch our bounds safely? Have we got a code to live by- not made and promoted in the last 10 years, but a ?secret? Code handed down for centuries, on which all modern psychology is based? Have we got an authentic meditation system to teach you to tap into your potential OFF THE MAT?

With pride and honor, I say yes. Yes, we've all the above and more. You simply can't piece a puzzle together without the grander scheme of united principles passed down from initiated teachers.

Using technology passed down from the Himalayas, and taijutsu from the mountains of Japan, we explore our potential in each class, and support expansion as a calm soldier. This is a journey for community members that are ready to see probabilities, truly learn the way to banish obstacles and make a clear trail for success.

Others will imitate personal growth teachings; many will make an effort to add more stuff to their physical training. And we're going to smile as we welcome home new members to the original empowerment training and solemnly guide them to unleash their potential.

Welcome to the journey of becoming strong, capable and relaxed.

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