How Your Aura Affects Others

How Your Aura Affects Others

Have you ever met someone who simply made you feel good, by just being around them? Likewise, have you ever met someone, and right away knew there was something “wrong” with them? Even though they never said a word to you? Certainly, everything in this world can be reduced down to energy. Read on, to find out exactly how your aura affects others.

You can’t conceal your aura

Plants, animals and even gemstones, have an aura. Your aura is a field of energy, floating like a cloud around you. Consequently, it can be the world’s best “ human emotion meter”. The aura can reveal the “real you” to a sensitive person, no matter how hard you try to conceal it. People can sense energy, which may be even more apparent to empaths than to others.

Empaths and the aura

Your aura embodies the energy you are experiencing at the moment, as well as your overall psychic and emotional personality. Empaths are affected more acutely by other people’s energy. They have the natural ability to intuitively feel the mental state and personality of the people around them. Although everyone has this ability, empaths are more attuned to it than others. Consequently, this may explain how auras and energy affects other people, for no apparent reason, triggering unconscious reactions and feelings.

Kirlian photography of the aura

Kirlian photography can photograph the aura. The colors of your aura reflect the colors of the chakras. The lower three chakras are red (root chakra), orange (sacral chakra) and yellow (solar plexus chakra) and the higher four chakras are green (heart chakra), light blue (throat chakra), indigo blue (third eye chakra) and violet (crown chakra).

Kirlian photography comprises photography techniques that can capture the phenomenon of electrical, coronal discharges. In 1939, Semyon Kirlian discovered that connecting an object to a high voltage electrical source, caused an image to be produced on the photographic plate.

How the colors of your aura help you

The aura contains the colors of your chakras; if your aura reflects the colors of the lower three chakras (red, orange or yellow) it’s likely you’re experiencing, on the physical plane, experiences relating to survival, sexual or emotional issues.

Likewise, if your aura shows in shades of green, blue and violet, this indicates you’re experiencing the higher realms of consciousness, such as when you are in a loving, centered and meditative state.

Fear affects your aura

Your auric field can be challenged when life is viewed from a fear perspective;. As a result, we live in fear, when we constantly think about bills, the expectations of others, material goods or sex. If you’re under this type of constant stress, your aura will reflect the hot colors of the lower three chakras. These are shades of yellow, orange and red.

By removing  the fear perspective, and engaging in spiritual practices such as meditation, you will experience a change in your aura’s colors. They will transform to those of the spiritual plane, in swirling shades of green, turquoise, blue, and violet. Likewise, you must also address any lower chakra physical issues,

Finally, will notice that your aura will vary from color to color, as your aura fluctuates from one chakra to the next. It takes concentrated inner work to consistently reach the higher auric planes, but it’s a skill that anyone can accomplish.

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