Achieve Inner Peace, Joy and Love

Peace is your natural state. When you let go of your attachments and aversions to the emotions that are blocking inner peace, you will see that it is always available to you.

Chakra healing with sound will allow you to powerfully, quickly and effectively let go of, or release, attachments and aversions stored in your body and mind, so you can uncover your true, loving, joyous and peacful nature. The Chakras are energy centers within our bodies, which transmit, receive and store energy, primarily, emotional energy. At times, these energy centers can become blocked, resulting in our “being stuck” in certain emotions or ways of being.

Chakra sound healing, using Solfeggio frequencies, is a tool uniquely suited for our time. By using the simple MP3s any time you feel emotional disstress, you will actually experience those distressing emotions being released, and being replaced, by a feeling of great peace, joy and well being. As you practice Chakra healing daily, you’ll be freeing yourself to have whatever your heart desires, including the ultimate goal of enlightenment. You will live a life brimming over with peace, love and joy.

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Peace, happiness and joy!
Jane Ma’ati Smith

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