The Schumann Resonance

The binaural beat brainwave entrainment used in our Chakra Healing MP3s follow the Schumann Resonance; the Schumann Resonance is the electro-magnetic heart beat of our Mother Earth, and an Earth resonance frequency we have evolved, over millions of years, to be in tune with. Progressing the binaural beats, and your brainwaves, along the Schumann Resonances can have a profoundly calming and balancing effect.

(a tone of 7.83 hz is below human hearing)

How was the Schumann Resoance Discovered?

In 1952, the German scientist Winifried Otto Schumann discovered a natural pulse around the Earth, beating at a frequency of 7.83 Hz. The Schumann Resonance is the electromagnetic aura, and heart beat, of our planet. Most scientists view the Schumann Resonance as something of a curiosity, and very few scientists connect the dots, between the electro-magnetic aura of our Mother Earth, and the bio-electromagnetic auras of the plants and animals, including humans, who live within this sphere. Research has proven that electro-magnetic pollution, such as from cell phones and smart meters, can prevent the body’s ability to live in harmony with the planet’s natural magnetic resonance, which supresses the brain’s production of melatonin (one of many adverse effects). Melatonin is hormone produced in the brain, which is an important cancer suppressant and cell rejuvenator. The Shumann Resonance is not only the resonant frequency of our planet, but of ourselves.

Dr. Ankermueller, a medical physician, made the connection between the Schumann resonance, and the alpha frequency of brainwaves. Dr. Ankermueller brought his ideas directly to Dr. Schumann, who also was intrigued with the theory that the earth has the same natural resonance as the brain. Professor Schumann asked one of his doctorate students, Herbert König, to look into this phenomenon, and to write a thesis. König demonstrated a relationship between the Schumann Resonances and brain rhythms, by compared human EEG readings with the natural electromagnetic fields of the Earth. He found that the primary frequency of 7.83 hz produced by Schumann resonances is within the frequency range of alpha and theta rhythms in the brain.

What the Schumann Resonance About Today?

Although the Schumann Resonance could easily be measured at the time of its discovery in 1952, it is not as obvious or stable today, due to the flood of electromagnetic “smog” from man made signals, such as cell phones, TV and radio signals, satellite, smart meters and WiFi, many of which resonate at frequencies which are detrimental to our health. This drowning out and disruption of the natural resonance, which have been molding and nurturing us through eons of evolution, disrupt our health on many levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To be in tune with our natural environment, is to be in tune with ourselves. We may be creating, with all our modern technology, an environment that is literally out of tune with Nature itself. It is at this point in our evolution, that there is an urgent need for us to understand how our advancements in technology, although invisible and apparently clean, effect and pollute the environment, and how everything living responds to these subtle electromagnetic changes. It is time for us to balance our intellect, with our biomagnetic brains.

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