Sahasrara, The Crown Chakra

crown chakra balancing and healingThe Crown Chakra or Sahasrara serves to balance the inner and outer self. Hence, it is the connection of the personality, to the Higher Self. The wisdom flowing through the Crown is the integration of the whole Self, knowledge of the Divine, intuitive knowing, and living in the Now. Also, the Sahasrara is the conduit of inspiration, devotion, ethics, values, trust, selflessness, and humanitarianism. Finally, the wisdom within this chakra includes your connection to the Divine, your life’s purpose, and connection to your past lives. As a consequence, an imbalance in the Crown can manifest as a loss of meaning or identity and a lack of life’s purpose.

Where is the Crown Chakra?

The Sahasrara is located at the crown of the head. It is the energy channel through which we receive Divine guidance, wisdom, purpose and is our connection to God.

What is the Crown Chakra Color?

The Sahasrara color is a rich purple, the secondary color is crystal clear or pure white.

The Sahasrara & the Aura

The Crown Chakra is connected to the Ketheric Template layer of the aura. The Ketheric template is the “soul plan”, it reflects all our past lives and our goals for this life. It is composed of fine silver and golden threads of light, directly connected to God.

sounds for the Sahasrara

Sound Healing Frequencies & How to Open the Crown Chakra

The natural sound of silence encapsulates the Crown Chakra. Consequently, the mental silence reflected in our ability to contemplate and meditate epitomizes the Crown Chakra. In addition, the sacred mantra tone of OM, and the vowel sound of “Eee” are attuned with the Sahasrara Chakra. The sound healing frequencies attuned to the Crown Chakra are 172.06 Hz, 480 Hz, and most importantly, the sacred Solfeggio frequency of 963 Hz.

A crystalline Solfeggio tone of 963 Hz, and the sound healing technique of binaural beats is the most direct method for opening the Sahasrara. As a result, these soaring, sacred tones may re-establish the connection to your Higher Consciousness, and to the Divine.

Crown Chakra Sound Healing MP3

This unique program uses Tibetan Singing Bowls tuned to the frequencies of the Sahasrara Chakra, and Binaural Beats with a Solfeggio frequency of 963 Hz. Additionally, this meditation follows Earth Resonance frequencies to a low of 7.83 Hz (Schumann Resonance) and up to an Earth Resonance frequency of 14.1 Hz. This deeply relaxing and transforming meditation will balance your Crown Chakra, and also balance you to the resonance of Earth. Finally, it may forge a stronger connection to your Divine Guidance and wisdom.

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quartz crystals for the crown chakra

Sahasrara Crown Chakra Crystals & Gemstones

Beautiful purple and clear Crown Chakra gemstone jewelry balance the Sahasrara. Gemstones and crystals like amethyst, moldavite, peacock ore, clear quartz, and diamonds are perfect for bringing the Sahasrara into balance.

Essential Oils & Foods to Balance the Crown Chakra

essential oils for the sahasraraCrown Chakra essential oils are lotus, jasmine, angelica, and sandalwood. Also, star tulip, frankincense, myrrh, benzoin, neroli, angelica, lavender, or St. John’s Wort help to bring the Sahasrara into balance.

Foods that fuel the Sahasrara are none! Fasting and detox are recommended to cleanse and clear the Sahasrara Chakra. Rather, burn incense and smudge with herbs such as sage, myrrh, copal, juniper, and frankincense, to help clear the Crown Chakra.

Dr. Jane Maati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D.Hello, my name is Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith C.Hyp. Msc.D. I studied for my Bachelor of Arts degree at Arizona State University; and received an honorary doctorate for lifetime contributions in the fields of metaphysics and spiritual counseling from Universal Life. I studied hypnosis with Dr. John Kappas, and I am a certified graduate of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute. Finally, I am also a Sound Energy Practitioner and a Vibrational Reiki Master. I bring to my Chakra healing and sound therapy more than 15 years of professional work in the mental health and counseling fields. With more than fifteen years of success in the helping professions, I can express this lifelong conviction with confidence. Helping people to help themselves, and placing people firmly on their personal path is my passion. Are you willing to take the first step?

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