The 7 Ways You Are Losing Your Spiritual Energy

Have you ever attended a yoga or meditation retreat, and came back to reality feeling very empowered and inspired? You felt certain your life was radically transformed, only to have that extra energy gradually seep away, leaving you much the same as before the retreat? This is a very common experience, it happens to the vast majority of those on a spiritual path.

But if you know where the main energy losses occur, and you can manage to plug them, you will experience something amazing; the same yoga practices you’ve been doing all along, will now generate much more energy. Systematically plugging these energy leaks will shift your spiritual practice radically. It will take time and effort, but it’s time and effort well spent.

What are the most common energy leaks?

#1. Exhaustion Due to Taking on Too Much

Easily this is the most common energy way your energy is lost; when you over book your time with work, leaving little time for the relaxation and social time, this is not only detrimental to your health, it will riddle your aura and your “spiritual body” with “holes” through which your energy drains away.

You may be conditioned mentally that you can’t afford to do less, but in actuality, you can’t afford not to. Take responsibility for your runaway life, by closely examining the cultural conditioning of over work. Embrace a more natural and simpler way of living. You will ultimately find it a more productive way of life.

According to the yogic tradition, one needs to have at least four hours off a day to be healthy and sane. Aslo, take at least one full day off per week, and at least one full weekend off per month, and at least three full weeks off per year. That means not preparing about to-do lists, not checking emails, not accomplishing a thing. This should be unscheduled time, free of agenda. Just Be.

#2. The Physical Body in a State of Dis-ease

The second most common energy leak is when we develop dis-ease (or full blown disease) in the body. When dis-ease sets in, it leaks our vitality, or life force. Dis-ease is different from being disabled; someone can be disabled, or have a chronic health condition, without having dis-ease. It depends on how they relate to their disability, how they focus on it, and whether they form their self image around it.

Your body has it’s own wisdom. Often, dis-ease is a warning sign; delve into the natural wisdom of your body to find out what the source of dis-ease is. If need be, engage the help of a medical intuitive, whose insights should complement, but not replace, those of your doctor.

#3. Excess Emotion

The ability to regulate your emotional response is highly adaptive, stopping you from investing too much energy into situations that ultimately won’t matter. This very common way to leak energy. Buying into a narrative that evokes a strong emotional response, is often merely a social construct.

When you are filled with self righteous indignation, that’s an emotional reactivity. When you buy into what you percieve as an insult, or a “micro-aggression”, and enter a world of butt-hurt, that’s emotional reactivity. But if you open your heart, without buying into it, that’s spiritually empowering.

#4. Losing Touch With Real Life, Through Fantasy

If you habitually dwell in the mental world, lost in fantasy, this is a prime way to divorce yourself from living in a simple, natural state.

When you continually imagine possible futures, where you would be happier, or continually imagine futures where you are unhappy and afraid. Or, constantly remembering past ‘good times’ through rose-colored glasses, or remembering past ‘mistakes’, and the ‘could haves’ or ‘should haves’, this is simply a common form of losing touch with reality.

Another way to get lost in fantasy is doing something like playing a video game, a crossword puzzle, or or reading all the news. You are temporarily divorced from the flowing presence of the Now. Living in mental worlds and imagined realities is a significant energy leak, and a common one in our society.

#5. Strongly Held Opinions and Beliefs

Until you experience for personally the deep truth that you really don’t know anything for sure, you are likely to leak your spiritual energy. Most of your strongly held opinions and beliefs are either wishful thinking, or fear thinking. The world is far too complex, and the variables far too numerous, for us to justifiably hold a fixed opinion about anything.

Please note, simply having opinions and beliefs is not an energy leak, it’s holding too tightly to opinions. Being unyielding and hard in your attitude, and being totally convinced you’re right, and you know how things really are, is an energy leak. There is a lot more to reality than what we can see; acknowledging that helps you to be more open, and better at connecting with others.

#6. Poor Boundaries in Your Relationships

Being in any kind of relationship, where you’re not exactly sure what the other person wants, needs, or feels, is a powerful energy drain. Also, being clear about yourself, but keeping another person in limbo, by not committing to a relationship with clear agreements or boundaries, is also an energy drain.

The solution is communication, without the need to communicate our feelings by creating a narrative about what the other person is doing wrong. Don’t nitpick, psychoanalyze, or finger-point. Discussions about what you want, and what your friends and family wants, are crucial to creating a healthy foundation for relationships that are not energy drains.

Don’t hang on to a relationship that is no longer “alive”. That is a huge energy drain. Know when to let go, and walk away. If you need support, you can contact a spiritual counselor.

#7. Excessive Speech and Gossip

Excessive speech is a big energy drain. Have you noticed, that the masters of yoga and meditation speak sparingly, and they choose their words carefully? The power of your words increases in direct proportion to the silence that you keep.

Before you open a topic of conversation, ask yourself these four questions:

1) Is it true, this thing I want to say?

2) Is it necessary or helpful to speak this?

3) Have I found a loving way to say this?

4) is it this the right time?

Remember the four key terms: truth, necessary, kindness, and timing.

f you are successful in plugging your energy leaks, it will do no good without dissolving the core patterning of how one sees oneself. Unless you reealign how you relate to the world, the energy draining patterns will continue.

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