The 7 Life Changes You Need to Make on Your Path of Awakening

path of awakening

A spiritual awakening comes with spiritual implications; signs, symbols and synchronicity increasingly appear in our lives. When walk on the path of spiritual awakening, we begin to see the world differently. As we seek for the truth, we begin to see through the veils of illusion. In this process, there are often changes we must make in our lives, when we are on the path of spiritual growth and evolution.

Healing Your Family Relationships

It’s essential to revisit your childhood and youth; many experience trauma in our youth, and these traumas need healing, so they don’t inhibit our growth. You must begin to create a healthy relationship with your family. Be willing to initiate the work of healing, and apologize where you need to.

Understand that these experiences were created for your personal spiritual growth. The more you resist coming to terms with these experiences, the more you push away the personal empowerment you can gain from these experiences. Reframing the past, and rebuilding family relationships can help you to create a limitless future.

Traveling Away From Where You Grew Up

Where you grew up is only a tiny microcosm of the world. It’s important to burst out of the bubble of your limited experience. Once you begin exploring the world, you give yourself permission to find the places most aligned with your values. This in turn, benefits your lifestyle and career, at this point in your life.

Leaving Behind Unhealthy and Toxic Relationships

One of the difficult things you may have to do is to distance yourself from childhood and long term friendships. Unfortunately, these old relationships can may work to keep you stuck. It’s been said, you become the five people you spend the most time with. So it’s up to you to be very careful about who those five people are. If you have people in your life who seem stuck, you can help and support them. But if they are unwilling to change and grow, you may have to move on. Stay in touch with the people you care about, but don’t try to force anyone to change.

Improve Your Diet and Exercise Routine

Be open to trying different healthy diets that work for you, and be open to trying new things. Do the same with exercise, don’t be afraid to push your physical limits. Constantly improving your physical well being is a vital part of awakening. Keep diet and exercise are at the top of the list.

Let Go of Clutter and Old Stuff

Clutter and piles of old stuff you can’t give up, show a lack of self care and self awareness. Physical objects with a lot of sentimental value can hold a lot of our emotional energy. Our old stuff can become a physical symbol of clinging to the past. Letting go of that old stuff can mean an opening up of new opportunity, miracles and gifts from the Universe.

Become a Student of Life

Learning can be an evolutionary process. Learning means we become more of who we are, by learning new things, and new approaches to life. A willingness to learn is a willingness to grow.

Choose a Career Aligned with Your True Calling

Settling for a career that doesn’t really fulfill you won’t be worth it, it will be a “soul sucker”. Following your true calling can be very challenging. Often, it means you will have to do a lot of things the people around you won’t understand. But if you are making truly soulful decisions, it will always lead you in the right direction. If you don’t know what your true calling is yet, keep trying things out until you find it. Your true calling is constantly evolving. A positive career will mean you are doing your part to make a difference. When you do that, the world will continually evolve with you.

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