The 7 Chakra Basics: How to Realign

“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word for spinning wheel, and is commonly meant to mean a point of spiritual energy within the human body.

The 7 major chakras are located from the top of your head to the base of your spine. Each chakra has a specific location, and many unique qualities. While they may be within the physical body, they are not physical, but are something you can intuitively feel and sense.

Most people who have an interest in chakra healing, don’t realize that your chakras can either too closed or too opened. The common belief is, chakras are too closed. Leaving your chakras too open leaves you vulnerable, is just as detrimental as having your chakras too closed. As you learn about the seven main chakras, think about how their qualities may relate to you.

How to Align the 7 Chakras:

Root Chakra – The Muladhara

Located at the base of the spine, this chakra is about being grounded, and connected to Mother Earth. A sign of a balanced root chakra is feeling grounded and content. An imbalance in the root chakra can be felt as addictions and obsessions, selfishness, restlessness, volatile emotions, losing interest in surviving in the “real world”, and a lack of physical vitality.

Alignment techniques for the Muladhara:

  • Apply cedarwood or myrrh essential oils to your lower back or wrists before going to sleep
  • Use cloves and marjoram in your recipes
  • Meditate on the mantra Lam
  • Use these positions in your yoga practice: Mountain Pose, Warrior Pose, Standing Forward Bend, and Bridge
  • Use a binaural beat, sound healing audio set to 396 Hz

  • Sacral Chakra – The Swadhishthana

    Located just below the belly button, the Swadhistana is related to your sexuality and emotions.

    Signs of a balanced sacral chakra include feeling sociable, sexual and satisfied with life. This chakra is closely tied to your basic emotions; the more you are in touch with the Swadhistana, the more you will be in touch with your emotions. An imbalance in the Sacral Chakra may manifest as addiction, intimacy issues, and feeling unhappy.

    Alignment techniques for the Sacral Chakra:

  • Apply jasmine or ylang ylang essential oils in the morning when you wake up, or at night before bed
  • Meditate with the mantra Vam
  • Use these positions in your yoga practice for the Sacral Chakra: Hip opening poses like Standing Wide Forward Bend and Sitting Wide Forward Bend
  • Use a binaural beat, sound healing audio set to 417 Hz

  • Solar Plexus Chakra – The Manipura

    Located right above the naval, the Manipura relates to your personal power, prosperity, fears, and anxiety. Emotional memories are stored within the Solar Plexus, it’s where your ‘gut feelings’ originate, and many people are naturally connected to the environment through the Solar Plexus chakra. An imbalance in the Solar Plexus Chakra may manifest as poor concentration, poor decision making, trouble getting things done, and an inability to judge a situation accurately. Imbalances in this Chakra can create feelings that you are more, or less, than other people.

    Alignment techniques for the Manipura:

  • Use rosemary, ginger, or lemon essential oils on your wrists
  • Drink lemongrass and ginger herbal teas
  • Meditate with the mantra Ram
  • Use these heat building postures in your yoga practice: Sun Salutation and Warrior posture, Bow, Half Twist and Boat Pose
  • Use a binaural beat, sound healing audio set to 528 Hz

  • Heart Chakra – The Anahata

    Located next to the heart, the Anahata is concerned with love and compassion. Hate, fear, envy, anger and despair reflect an imbalance of the Heart Chakra. A Heart Chakra imbalance may be felt as living through others, difficult relationships, depending on others for your happiness, and a lack of self discipline.

    Alignment techniques for the Heart Chakra:

  • Use rose, thyme or bergamot essential oils before starting your day
  • Mediate to the mantra Yam
  • Use chest opening Yoga postures like Cobra, Camel, Cobra, and Fish pose. Also pranayama breathing exercises like deep breathing and alternate nostril breathing
  • Use a binaural beat, sound healing audio set to 639 Hz

  • Throat Chakra – The Vishuddha

    Located in the throat, the Vishuddha is about communication. A Throat Chakra imbalance may be experienced as the need to criticize, indecisiveness, poor self expression, habitual lying, doubt, fear, and uncertainty.

    Alignment techniques for the Throat Chakra:

  • Use eucalyptus essential oil at bedtime
  • Meditate with the mantra Ham
  • Use these positions into your yoga practice: Lion, Fish, neck stretching, and shoulder opening poses like Shoulder Stand, Bridge, Plow and Camel Pose
  • Use a binaural beat, sound healing audio set to 741 Hz

  • Third Eye Chakra – The Ajna

    Located between the eyebrows and back an inch, the Ajna is related to your intuition. Signs of imbalance in the Brow Chakra can include misperceptions of reality, nightmares and insomnia, and a feeling of unreality.

    Alignment techniques for the Third Eye Chakra:

  • Use clary sage, bay, or jasmine essential oils between your eyebrows to activate the chakra
  • Use bay leaves and mint in your cooking
  • Meditate with the mantra Om
  • Child’s Pose and Seated Yoga Mudra pose
  • Use a binaural beat, sound healing audio set at 852 Hz

  • Crown Chakra – The Sahasrara

    Located in the crown of the head, the Sahasrara is a connection to the spiritual realms. An imbalance in the Crown chakra can be felt as loss of meaning, a lack of identity, and a lack of purpose.

    Alignment techniques for the Crown Chakra:

    Use sandalwood and lotus essential oils to activate the Crown chakra

  • There is no mantra associated with the Sahasrara, silent meditation is recommended
  • Take daily nature walks to your meditative routine
  • Balancing Yoga postures like Tree and Eagle
  • Use a binaural beat sound healing audio set to 963 Hz

  • Try our online Chakra Balance Test to determine your imbalanced chakras.

    Click here for MP3s to align and balance all 7 Chakras.

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