Why 3D Density Is Necessary For Our Ascension

The pain and challenges we experience and face everyday in this, and every, lifetime, serves the purpose of providing us with a foundation to push against as we grow, giving us something tangible to work with. Our ascension accelerates with the effort we make to change our way of understanding ourselves, life, love, and the Universe, and ascension quickens with every ounce of spiritual strength we call up, in to battle with love, our old way of being. By taking life’s challenges inward, we propel outward the changes of expression we have about ourselves, with love and care.

Even plants in their seedling stage have to push out of their seed shells, and grow deeply into the soil they are planted in, in order to grow towards the sun, the Light, that continually calls them. So it is that we also have an ongoing process of growth, reaching for the Light.

It is the 3D density of the Earth beneath our feet, the reality of sky, sun, moon and stars above us, and also, in our thoughts and words, that express the 3rd dimensional world, this reality that many people hold as the only reality. Some who walk the spiritual path of ascension, may hold this 3D Reality in contempt, judging themselves, and others, harshly for being here, but we have needed these hard packed truths, tough situations, and opportunities for growth, to push against towards the true Light.

We need these challenges as mirrors, that reflect us as we are, but also, as we could be. We have needed, and still need, something to push against so we can continue to grow. We even needed it in our mother’s womb, building strength for our birth from that warm place, as we pushed against her from the inside, and entered into this world. And that birth into the 3D world only gave us only more to push against, further building our strength, within and without.

Develop a deep appreciation and love for the 3D density you had to push against, in order to grow and evolve. We need to find love in it, or we risk pushing against 3D reality much harder than necessary, possibly causing harm. 3D density gives us a contrast to where our light bodies begin and end, and where our higher vibration frequencies need to grow. Density offers us the necessary grounding for our lives, until we don’t need it anymore…

3D density is our fertile field, our fertile ground to push against. Eventually it will become a memory, but until then, we can trust that density is still what we need, to build up the strength for our next level of growth, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and for our ever ascending ascension process.

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