3 Ways to Embrace the Divine Feminine

divine feminine

Ancient wisdom regarded the Divine as a melding of feminine and masculine energies; these were represented by the various ancient gods and goddesses, who through myths and legends, birthed Creation. But over the centuries, changes in culture and society, upset this balance; ultimately these changes blocked the feminine powers from expression in religion and culture.

Today, in our modern, industrialized society, the Divine Feminine is desperately needed to bring back a sense of balance, harmony, and compassion to our troubled world. You have it within you, to awaken your own connection to the Divine Feminine; consider how important this could be, for the fullness and enrichment of your own life, as well as the lives of those around you.

By connecting to, and honoring, the Sacred Feminine, you honor yourself and the generative qualities of Creation. Achieving awareness of the Divine Feminine will help you to appreciate the feminine qualities in all people, and in all areas of living. The Sacred Feminine builds respect and reverence for Mother Nature.  Likewise, it builds compassion and tolerance for the life stages of other people. Harmony, wholeness, oneness, inner peace, and connection, are the awakened gifts of your Divine Feminine energy.

How do you begin on this heart opening journey? Below are three suggestions to help you develop your inner Sacred Feminine:

Embrace the Energy of Motherly Love

The Sacred Feminine is like a nurturing mother; you deserve to feel the warm embrace of her love. Remember to keep in touch with that feeling of Divine Feminine love, deep inside you! It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday worries of things you need to do, that you forget to take time to love and care for yourself. Take a deep breath, take a moment, and smile, especially when life is most chaotic.

Make it a priority to connect with your deepest self, through meditation and mindfulness; feel a real appreciation for who you are. Spend time in nature, write your self-discoveries and observations in a personal journal, as well as things that inspired you each day. Honor the gift of your life!

Create and Make Things New

The Sacred Feminine births new life, fosters growth, and creates beauty. Discover what engages you, body, mind, and soul. What makes you feel like you are doing what you were born to do? Sing, dance, draw, or write? Knitting, cooking, or interior design? Do you have a passion for politics, spirituality, or the healing arts? Your soul is secretly longing for self-expression; the vibration of your joy will extend out, rejuvenating the world around you. When you contribute to life, in your unique, magical way, the world gladly accepts your contribution. It contributes to the overall evolution of all Creation. Use your unique gifts, and create a life that brings you joy! Each act of your creation is a gift to a world in need.

Spread Love and Share Hope

The Sacred Feminine is life supporting, and life affirming. Once you express your creative joy, and embrace yourself with love, you can pass on this positive, healing energy to others. Take a few moments, and make the effort to really give time and attention to your friends, your children, your co-workers, your family, and your partner.

Put down your smartphone or the TV remote, and let the people you love know they have your full attention, even just for a moment. When you’re out in public, give strangers you meet the gift of a smile or a compliment. Make your everyday interactions more fun, and allow the light of your Sacred Feminine to shine forth!

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