Master Guided Meditation – The Secret Revealed #meditation


Imagine yourself as the enlightened being you are encircled by buddies and relatives. You are all connected hand-in-hand, visualizing and meditating; listening to the sound of your lungs filling with the cool breeze and slowly breathing out. You are atop a lovely, richly-vegetated mountain, connected to Gaia with your bare feet. You can feel your pulse matching her vibration – Your heart has become united with the same vibration and sense of mother Gaia – the night is pitch-black, but the stars illuminate all of your surroundings.

The mountain is so high that you can see a unlimited horizon. It’s a stunning night with a cool, delicate breeze that sweeps over your body. The sky glitters with millions of stars like never before; you have entered into a calm universe.

Now, visualize your Secret Source Force traveling at awesome speeds towards the centre of the firmament. You look back and see your physical body, your family and your friends, all connected at the very top of the mountain. You accelerate into the sky, passing our Earth’s atmosphere. You accelerate faster and you can now see our complete round planet with the Sun illuminating the background of this magnificent, inter heavenly horizon. Then, you pass our moon and each planet in our Solar System until the Earth becomes a tiny speck. Imagine going faster and passing the boundaries of that kingdom and entering into new dimensions. You can see the Milky Way now. Keep going until you reach the fringe of the Universe, for so long as your consciousness can imagine it.

Now, imagine facing all of this impressive energy. As you look at this and see the planets, the stars, and the galactic clusters, all in their entirety, imagine all this shrinking extraordinarily swiftly in front of you till you can see it in the palm of your hands. This energy – all the galactic systems and stars converted to a bright white, crystal-like sphere – sitting easily in the center of your hands. This energy that has come hereafter from the whole universe that creates worlds ready to put into action!

Now, visualize this energy ball shining brightly, pulsating with a blue-like, pure energy, entering your body through your forehead, flowing easily and agreeing with your body. A warm and fuzzy feeling consumes you. It is the feeling of pureness and cleanness the recharging of every cell in your body. This energy is directing you to the next level of your subconscious mind? The next kingdom of your Secret Source Force.

At the same time, this energy ball and all of its impressive light, is shared with all of your mates, family, and every soul on this planet. First, imagine this flow of energy, being connected by waves, to each and every individual on the mountain, and then flowing into each living soul. Imagine humanity, in its totality, connected by these waves of light and all in line with this universal energy. Imagine this energy, flowing from your forehead to every person with a light so bright, it touches each soul and every living form on this planet, providing Love, Joy, and Universal Enlightenment. Around the planet, every being feels you and you're feeling them, and then all this energy returns back to you, manufacturing a cycle of energy waves that is absolutely infinite.

In association with humanity, exploit this sensation to engage into a new vision, a new awakening, and a new evolution. While you are hooked up to every living soul on the planet, envisage wealth and constructive energy for everyone. At the same time, aid your folks, friends, and others in their evolution, their thinking, and their feeling.

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