12 Symptoms of Low Spiritual Vibration

spiritual vibration

Your spiritual vibration is the energy that you emanate. It’s the life force that flows through your body; it influences the flow of your life, including the people and events you attract into your life.

Your vibration will fluctuate with the way you handle yourself in life. One day it will be high, the next day it’s low. But when our vibration is low for too long, you need to be concerned; you may need to make an effort to raise your vibration, if you sense it’s too low, for longer than usual.

But becoming aware of your vibrational level can be difficult, because it influences your perception. The effect of low vibration can make you tired, sick, and you may lose touch with your soul wisdom, leading a misalignment with your life’s purpose.

12 Signs of Low Spiritual Vibrations

Dwelling on regret

Regret will define you based on what you did or didn’t do in the past. Instead of stopping your potential with regret, live in the now, where you have the power to make a change. A higher vibration will allow you to grow in the present, and become a better person in the future. Remember, every mistake you’ve made has served a purpose, so it’s important to embrace your regret, then let it go.

Blaming others for your problems.

Lower vibrations will limit your perspective, and take away the power and control you have over your own life. A low vibration can fool you into believing that someone or something else is responsible for your problems. When you can’t see things from a higher perspective, you may tend to blame others, and instead of accepting full responsibility for your life, you point fingers, not realizing that this takes your power away. Take full responsibility for your life, and you will take back control, of your life, and your vibration.

Adopting a victim mentality

You may think there is something wrong with the world, because it is not giving you the happiness you deserve. But when you come to understand that the root cause of your suffering, you understand that it’s something in your Inner World. By working on your inner balance and healing, you can come to understand how you shape your own reality.

Being judgmental

By judging others, you point to your own shadow, without even realizing it. What you dislike in yourself, you will dislike in others. This is one of life’s great ironies; what we judge in others, we have in ourselves. When you can accept your own shadow, it makes it easier to accept the shadow in others. When you can do this, your vibration will naturally raise.

A need to always be right

Insecurity can push you to be always right. By finding others to be wrong, you are showing dominance, and boosting your ego. You may avoid being wrong, because it makes you feel insecure, weak, and fearful. But once you can break the “I versus you” paradigm, and accept your vulnerabilities, inner peace, and higher vibration, is achievable.

Living in fear

Every day, you may make a decision out of fear, or avoid an opportunity out of fear. Fear reminds you that there may be a potential danger. But if instead of using fear to overcome, we become its slave, it will lower your vibration, until we show courage. Courage is possible when you open your heart to love. As the old saying goes, “Perfect love casts out fear.”

Buying stuff you don’t need

Buying more and more things that you don’t need is a sure sign that your vibration is getting lower. In reality, what will make you happy is not material things, it’s life experiences. So, instead of buying stuff, for a high that will last only for a few days, trade that for experiences that will give you lasting good memories.


Guilt can be seen as an emotional blackmail, that you use against yourself. You may not do certain things, because it would make others unhappy, or makes us appear bad. Don’t allow yourself to suffer from guilt, when there is no requirement to meet other people’s standards. Sometimes, what can raise your vibration, won’t make other people happy. As long as you do things correctly, there is no need to feel guilty. Guilt reminds you when you are going against your morals. Living in guilt is a waste of your life’s purpose, learn from it, and become a better person in your own eyes.

Limiting beliefs

The sky is not the limit, your mind and beliefs are. Many of the limits you have may be healthy and constructive, but, there are limits that can prevent you from living to your full potential. You didn’t create these limiting beliefs, they were programmed into you by your family, culture, environment, and others, while you were too young to decide for yourself. Now that you’re an adult, it’s time to challenge these beliefs.


Worry happens when you don’t trust yourself enough. You may be afraid that things will collapse, because you worry you can’t handle it, should it come to pass. When you let go of the need to control everything, you can gain control of what you can, yourself. Start to trust yourself, and allow your unconscious mind to steer you on the right path.

Resisting change

When you are suffering from lower vibrations, you may look for security, and change is scary. However, when you realize that everything changes all the time, you see that you can always handle change. You don’t need to prevent change for safety. Change is constant, and when you resist it, you resist growth. Learn to be open to all possibilities, because clinging to the old will prevent you from finding bigger opportunities.

No one knows exactly what the future will bring, but with an open mind, you can learn how to love without attachment, live without expectation, and perceive without judgment. It’s the only way to happiness.

Trusting your life to others

Your path is your own., and no one can design your life, or change it for you. You have to take the path, regardless of your situation. As long as you are open to introspection, you will do OK. Most of all, know your self. You are your own responsibility, and your happiness, life, and choices, all of that is your own responsibility. When you take responsibility for your own life, your vibration will rise.

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