12 Practices to Open the Third Eye Chakra

Open the Third Eye Chakra

Science has verified what shamans and mystics have known for millennia; that we have an aspect to our being, known as the soul. Our soul is connected to the Universal source of conscious energy, often known as God. As a result of that connection, we can access a more expansive consciousness than our individual selves. By far the best way to access that energy is by opening the Ajna, or Third Eye Chakra.

Below are 12 practices that can help you to open the Third Eye Chakra.

1. Acupressure to Open the Third Eye Chakra:

Sigmund Freud used a simple acupressure technique, by pressing on the area of his patient’s third eye, to open it.

2. Brainwave Training for the 3rd Eye:

Binaural beat brainwave entrainment of the Ajna. At certain brainwave frequencies, such as Theta, the sense of ego boundary can diminish, leaving us less concerned with our physicality. Thus, according to shamans and mystics, this aligns with when our “third eye” begins to open.

3. Chanting Mantras:

Focus on your third eye chakra, while chanting, is a powerful way to direct your energy to open your third eye. Some say that by focusing on the inside of the brain, at the point of the pineal gland, causes a vibrating, magnetic field. Consequently, certain chants, such as the mantra “Sham”, or the vowel sound “A”, while meditating on the Ajna chakra, can be effective.

4. Hypnosis & Visualization:

Hypnosis can be an excellent method of opening your third eye chakra. Also, visualization can be an excellent method. See the color deep blue, emanating from the pinpoint center of your head. This works well with pranayama breathing

5. Third Eye Chakra Mudra:

You can use a yoga mudra to open your third eye chakra. Mudras are certain hand positions believed to have the ability to direct energy to specific chakras. To further enhance the effect for third eye activation, chant as you hold the mudra position. Click here for Third Eye Mudras on You Tube.

6. Reflexology to Open the 3rd Eye Chakra:

You can apply reflexology to certain pressure points on your big toes, to stimulate the pineal gland. By all means, experiment with massaging your big toes, which focusing on the third eye.

7. EFT Tapping:

Many tapping experts recommend tapping the third eye chakra area as part of an EFT tapping series. You can learn about EFT tapping here.

8. Yogic Pranayama Breathing:

Your nose is linked to your nervous system and brain. There is evidence that breathing only through your left nostril accesses the right hemisphere of your brain, and breathing only through your right nostril accesses the left hemisphere of your brain. Consequently, by alternating your breathing between your nostrils, can therefore activate your third eye.

9. Yantra Meditation:

Your chakra energy vibrates in an orderly sequence, of seven specific chakra sound frequencies. Also, the chakra colors of the spectrum also are a series of seven vibrations, in an orderly sequence.

10. Yoga Posture to Open the Third Eye Chakra:

The Balasana Pose. Gently rocking your forehead while doing the child’s pose, to massage the brow center, can open the energetic flow to your third eye chakra.

11. Crystals and Gemstones:

Chakra crystals and gemstones hold certain vibrations, and deep blue gemstones such as lapis lazuli resonate with the third eye chakra.

12. Essential Oils:

Our senses are connected to our nervous system, and brain. Consequently, the third eye chakra can be stimulated with certain scents and fragrances. Chakra essential oils.

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