10 Exercises to Improve Your Human Brain Power

brain power

There is proof that not keeping your mind active will cause you to lose some of the functions of the brain and lead to memory loss, brain fog, and Alzheimer’s. If your brain is stimulated, you will feel better both inside and out.

Listed here are 15 mind improving actions to test

Play games that are challenging and cause your mind to be stimulated. Try the following:

Building puzzles

Playing strategy games

Doing crosswords

Playing cards

Participate in games that require your deductive capabilities

Doing visualization puzzles

Looking at optical illusions

Read a book or a magazine

Reading helps your brain stay stimulated and your imagination stays activated. Reading will also give you better problem-solving skills and better memory. Mysteries are especially good for this. Reading self-help books will help you with problem-solving skills.

Exercise regularly

When you exercise, your brain receives more oxygen from your blood. This can help boost your brainpower and build new neurons.

Meditate to stimulate your brain

Meditating is thought to raise your IQ, help you deal with stress, and get your brain functioning better. Meditation will stimulate the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is where all your advanced problem solving, thinking, and performance skills are located.

Practice Deep Breathing

Perform some deep breathing workouts to bring more O2 to your brain to help you become sharper and more alert overall. Performing these activities for just 10 -15 min. per day will increase your mind’s ability.

Take Fish Oil

Use fish oil supplements to build the membrane in your brain and keep it healthy. Fish oil contains DHA and EPA, which both are thought to make your brain’s emotional center stronger and help you with your ability to focus.

Listen to Music

There are studies that show that music can make your brain’s right hemisphere stronger and even change its structure. People who are not regularly listening to music have a lower level of emotional intelligence.


Write so that you can have a better memory and be able to better express your thoughts. You can write an article, a blog or a journal to improve your brain function.

Get enough sleep

This will help you reduce brain fog and get rid of brain clutter. If you are not sleeping enough, you will have a poor memory and poor brain function.

Try painting

Painting can be a great brain-boosting activity that helps you find your creative side. You don’t have to be great at it or even have done it before. When you are feeling creative, you will enjoy life more.

In Conclusion

With regard to getting the best outcomes, you need to perform a number of these mind improving actions so you can obtain a variety of experiences. Should you choose even only one of these simple mind improving actions, you’ll see improvement in your brain and you’ll really feel much better right now as well as down the road.

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