10 Buddhist Lessons to Make You Happier

happy buddha

What is the secret to happiness? There is no easy answer to that question.

If you listen to the media, you may come to the conclusion it’s money or fame, as they teach us to believe that “celebrities” have a perfect life.

But are celebrities really happy? According to Buddhist philosophy, attaching your happiness to outside factors, such as fame and fortune, will actually make you unhappy. According to Buddhism, we must focus on our inner peace first, and then everything else will fall into place.

Here are 10 Buddhist lessons to help you achieve true happiness.

Don’t Lose Hope.

It’s essential to remain hopeful, even during tough times. Change is built into the nature of things, nothing remains fixed, not even your identity. Therefore, no matter bad the situation seems, it’s important to remember that change is only the law of the Universe, and the bad times will eventually pass.

Reflecting on the law of karma can give you hope; you must realize, that you are in charge of your actions, and not simply a victim of fate. You’re the one who’s making your choices, and you can always change your choices for the better. That can give you hope for a better future.

Help Those in Need

It can help your personal happiness, to stop focusing on your own problems, and instead, help others resolve theirs. Compassion is one of the most valued qualities of Buddhism.

Compassion is also about developing an understanding of the basic good in all people. This can help you connect with others, and those personal connections can be a great source of joy.

Treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself. Once you begin doing this, you’ll realize the true power of compassion.

Let Go, to Gain Freedom

Don’t rely on outside factors to make you happy; by clinging onto anything, you will remain fixed, and unable to change, as you need to.

Freedom involves accepting the transient nature of everything. Only with that acceptance, can we understand the liberating idea that it’s impossible to hold onto anything.

When we can embrace the present moment, we allow ourselves the opportunity to grow, improve, and be happy.

Progress Requires Understanding

There are huge divides in our society, because the opposing sides refuse to listen to each other. This has no positive effect at all. We must strive to understand, and show compassion for those who have differing views from us. Progress will only come from dialogue and understanding.

Changing Your Life is Up to You

There is no way for anyone to experience the world from your perspective, your life is yours, and yours alone. Instead of relying on others to guide you through life, show courage, and follow your own path.

Trust Your Common Sense

In a world we have no control over, full of fake news and propaganda, it’s vital to exercise your critical thinking skills. Question everything. You don’t need experts to tell you what to think, think for yourself.

Don’t Hold Onto Anger

Buddhism teaches that focusing anger at others never leads to anything positive. It’s bad karma. Step back, and react with reason and common sense. Walk away if you need to. You will thank yourself later.

Don’t Stoop to the Level of Others

Buddha taught that you can only conquer hate with love. You don’t need to stoop to someone else’s level if they are angry, hateful and toxic. By living up to your values, you will keep your integrity intact, and be happier for it.

Beauty is, Being Yourself

The most awesome people are the most authentic people. They are who they are, and they know what they want in life. You feel comfortable around them, because they’re not manipulative.

Buddhism teaches that self-compassion and acceptance of ourselves, we are able to become the beautiful human being we are all capable of being.

The Now Moment is the Only Moment

The future is uncertain, and the end is always near. The only moment that matters is the present moment. It’s the only place where true happiness resides.

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