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Chakra Healing and Balancing MeditationTo receive the free guided meditation class via e-mail once a week, simply type in your e-mail address, then check your inbox for the e-mail.

Today, you’ve made a powerful choice to energetically enhance your lifestyle and better your future – a decision that will mean Worlds of difference 3 months, 6 months or even 12 months from now. I would like to personally thank you for taking this big step, and I know from experience that it’s never easy. Even though most people around you have no idea about this knowledge, you believe in your heart that its REAL…

The FACT is:
free chakra balancing meditationYou are a powerful and creative being with a potential so great, and so extraordinary, that you’ll be shocked and amazed once you begin the process of engaging your chakras for healing and the expansion of Consciousness

free guided chakra meditationBinaural beat chakra healing MP3’s which operate on specific frequencies have an ability to heal, transform and magnify your experience on this earth

chakra healing meditationTrue healing requires something much greater than medicine, it requires YOU to become conscious, and start healing yourself with the energetic power of the Chakras

Although many have little or no idea of the power of the body’s true energy, as channeled throught the Chakras, mostly due to a fear – terrified that we are so truly powerful, the facts remain. For those, such as yourself, who take advantage of operating on a higher frequency, enhanced control over your life becomes available.

You cannot expect to reach these elevated states of awareness without assistance, the #1 reason sound healing is so important…

Today, you have the POWER!! Begin learning this unmistakable power to heal yourself, and then share it with others – for millions of people have no idea the power of chakra healing meditations.

Gifts such as these can only be accepted with gratitude, and the moment you begin listening to these life changing binaural beat MP3s, the healing can begin – transformational healing that defies all scientific understanding…

This free guided meditation class is broken down into eight meditation lessons- master each meditation lesson before moving onto the next. This meditation technique is very powerful; it will engage the energies of your own body and aura for a powerful spiritual cleansing, thus clearing the way for personal growth and healing on all levels. Optional instructional Guided Meditation MP3s available in each class.

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