Balance Your Chakras with BitCoins #chakra #bitcoin

Share We now accept BitCoin for our chakra balancing, brainwave entrainment MP3s, as well as Pay Pal and credit cards.

Share Click here for color healing hypnosis. Infographic by WebpageFX Light, color, and sound are composed of electromagnetic energy, vibrating at different frequencies. Our Chakras, the seven energy centers within the physical body, also correspond to different sounds and colors….


Share Serenity is a state of profound peacefulness, of inner peace, where the mind is calm, and unaffected by the external world. This high spiritual state, is felt as a sense of contentment and bliss. Human beings are different from…

Did you know, you and and every thing on Earth is composed of energy vibrations? #reiki

Share Everything in the World, inanimate or animate, concrete or ephermal, is made out of, and held together with, energy. You heard that right! The chair you are seated on, the music you’re playing, the meal you ate for dinner,…