The Deep Delta Chakra Suite

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What is “Delta” meditation? Delta has the lowest brainwave frequency between 0.5 and 4 cycles per second. Delta is produced during deep sleep, and is very rejuvenating for the body..

This particular program starts at a of 20.3 Hz (Beta) and ramps down gradually to a low Delta beat of 1.45 Hz, then ramps back up to 9.41 hz. Consequently, you should only use this at a time and place where it is OK to fall asleep. To take advantage of the binaural beats, you must use headphones, and be in a time and place where it is OK to deeply relax or sleep. To learn more about brainwave entrainment, click here.

The Deep Delta Chakra Suite MP3 download includes a 9 page eBook with complete information all about the Chakras. Our automatic download system will redirect you immediately after payment to a download page, and also send you an e-mail with download instructions. If you don’t see the e-mail, check your spam filter.

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