The Chakras for Beginners: Essential #Aura and #Chakra Balancing for Wellness

The Chakras for Beginners: Essential Aura and Chakra Balancing for Wellness

The Chakras for Beginners shows you how to balance your energy on many levels, to achieve wellness from the inside out. As the connection between our physical and spiritual bodies, the chakras offer an opportunity for spiritual growth, emotional and physical healing, and personal transformation. In easy to understand terms, you will learn what the chakras are and how they work, about your aura, and easy, powerful techniques and meditations for working with your energy to overcome the imbalances that block your spiritual, emotional and physical well being.

*Colors, crystals, foods and aromatherapy to balance each chakra
*Easy meditation techniques to balance your energy for overall well being
*Powerful yet easy breathing excercises for health and spiritual advancement
*Resonance, and how you can come into harmony with the natural rhythms of the Earth
*Basic yoga postures for Chakra balance
*The hazards of man made energies, that interfer with your health and well being
*How to protect your energy

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