The Relationship between #Yoga, #Meditation, and Self #Hypnosis

Share Though no one knows the precise origin of yoga, meditation and self-hypnosis, one thing is sure, that they are more than thousands of years old. Esteemed students are sure that the origins and practice of yoga and meditation can…

Tibetan Singing Bowl #Meditation

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Meditation: OM Chant 432 Hz #meditation #om

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Japa #Meditation or Japa Dyana

Japa #Meditation or Japa Dyana

Share The first objective of meditation is the elimination of random thoughts.  The second is the unification of the senses, leading to increased awareness and clarification.  All of this results in an ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction. The techniques of Ashtanga…

You Are Not a Master - Yet

You Are Not a Master – Yet

Share “You are not a being, you are a trembling — a continuous hectic activity. Patanjali’s asanas, postures, are concerned not really with any kind of physiological training, but an inner training of being, just to be — without doing…